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Look at HERR: A UK queen chock full of endless talents and winner of Not Another Drag Competition: All-Stars. Her aesthetic of 60’s glam makes her instantly identifiable. We grabbed a chat to showcase this queen to talk about current project Gals Aloud and much more!

Dragadventures: How did you get started in the drag industry and led you to performing?

HERR: I started wearing makeup in my teens and began watching loads of beauty videos on YouTube, I’ve always loved dressing up too so it was a very early start! In terms of drag though, a friend introduced me to drag race in 2014 and a few months later I entered Lipsync1000 at The Glory because I was super poor and was hoping to win – that clearly didn’t happen as I was a hapless drag baby but a year and a couple of name changes later I discovered HERR!

DA: Who inspires you the most in form of the creative looks you put together?
H: Honestly I just piece whatever I find together in the way I like it! I’m obsessed with 60’s fashion so I love referencing photos from the early years of people like Twiggy and Jane Fonda. I also grew up loving Scooby Doo and The Jetsons, so the Hanna-Barbera universe is definitely somewhat embedded in my mind and means a lot to me. My wig stylist Fullerwigs also always totally brings the final look together with her incredible creations.

Photo credit: Corinne Cumming 

DA: You were the winner of Not Another Drag Competition: All-Stars. What was the process like and how did it feel to win?

H: It was super stressful toward the last couple of weeks, but I enjoyed every second of it. I did the very first season when Her Upstairs didn’t even exist and when I was called Cherry Popper – so I basically had the chance to show myself off authentically to a whole new audience. I spent 8 weeks with an incredible cast and it solidified my friendship with Ophelia Love even more and she’s one of my closest drag sisters in the world because of it – so cheesy as it sounds, that was a real win for me. Otherwise winning any kind of competition is amazing and there’s nothing I love more than a challenge, which All-Stars definitely was.

DA: Your latest venture: Gals aloud is a tribute to one of the best girl bands in the UK music industry: Girls Aloud. What made you start the process of putting together the group and why did you choose Girls Aloud?

H: The show actually began as a one-off special that we worked very hard on just for the fun of it, but the night ended up being so popular than we did a second which was even busier so it made absolute sense to make something bigger of it. Girls Aloud have a bigger catalogue of amazing songs than The Spice Girls (fight me) and have one of the most unique sounds of any girl group. We also create a narrative in the show by using Javine who narrowly missed out on a spot in the group which adds extra comedy and drama to the show.


DA: If the chance to appear in a future RuPaul’s Drag Race UK arose, would you enter? And do you have a competitive side that would take you to the end?
H: 100%. I’d be MAD not to. Whether you like the format or not, it’s an absolute fact that the show will change your life forever as long as you’re ready for that kind of workload and that kind of lifestyle. I genuinely believe that I’m a diverse and confident enough performer that I could go very far and would love to win. There’s some insane talent in the UK so it definitely would not be easy to make it to the top, you can never underestimate how much magic there is on the scene right now.

DA: The drag life is a busy one, how do you manage a good work/life balance?
H: I’m not sure if I do! Most of my social life is with my drag family so I’m never really away from it – I really try to watch as many other shows by other performers as I can too. I have quite a chilled day job just a few days a week which breaks everything up quite nicely, and I love a good bath too to relax and de-stress! Drag is physically, mentally and artistically challenging so I really urge everyone to GET IN THE BATH.

DA: What quality does your drag persona have that you wish you had in your life off stage?
H: I wouldn’t really say I have a drag persona, HERR is basically an exaggerated version of George, probably just a lot more confident. As a boy, I’m very socially awkward and I’m always wary of meeting new people so I guess I’d love to not seem so distant when people meet me out of drag – I’m not a bitch I’m just shy! I’ve never really liked the way I look as a boy a great deal either but in the three years I’ve done drag it’s taught me to embrace flaws and to not give a damn about what other people think – so George is slowly but surely on the up!

Photo Credit: Corinne Cumming

DA: The local drag scene is a great way for fans to keep out for so much talent. What is the drag scene like where you are and who should we keep an eye out for?

H: London is literally buzzing with talent right now, it truly is. Soho has the chanteuses wrapped in sequins and sparkle, East London has the rebels kitted out in Tesco bags and filth and Camden is an intersection of the two. Of course, there’s so much more in each of those places but all three have something very special about them. In respect of who everyone should be paying attention to…ahem: Tayce, Cara Melle, Ophelia Love, Cheryl HoleChiyoMargo MarshallKitty Scott-Claus and Honey Foxx. Also, everything she creates turns to gold anyway but I have to mention that Sadie Sinner is a goddess amongst us and we all need to support the important work that she does.

DA: What does the future have in store for you? What projects are in store?

H: That would be telling! I have recently started the groundwork for a major collaborative project that I’m going to release late next year and hopefully will be able to tour with – I can’t say anything other than it’s BIG and hopefully something groundbreaking on the drag scene.

DA: And finally, Where can people find you next?

H: I’m at Her Upstairs all the time so more often than not you’ll catch me there, though my residencies there are the 1st Sunday and 3rd Thursday of every month. I’m doing The Sunday Shuffle in Brighton on June 10th, London Pride on July 7th and will also be at the Underbelly Festival Southbank with Gals Aloud on August 23rd.

Keep up to date with HERR on the following social media:

Instagram: @herrthequeen


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