Female Empowerment with Scarlett O’ Hora

The epitome of girl power Scarlett O’Hora inspired many girls this year during Dragworld, particularly the powerful ‘Its okay to not be okay’ panel. Forming L.A.D.S with other inspiring queens such as Lolo Brow and Lily Snatch. We grabbed a chat with Scarlett to talk burlesque, advice for young queens, and of course Dragworld 2018.

Dragadventures: What made you want to become a drag queen, was there a particular drag queen that made you want to perform?

Scarlett O’ Hara: I’m not sure I ever really had the want to become a drag queen, I think it was always there under the surface but I hadn’t really come into contact with drag queens or sought it out performance wise. It really was meeting the family fierce that was my turning point. I was a contemporary dancer that had recently forayed into burlesque, and I met this amazing collective of artists who were pushing boundaries, questioning gender and being genuine and authentic artists. So that was my first real experience of drag and I loved it. I knew I had to be part of it. It felt like a natural progression and I had always been interested in gender and gendered movement so at that point in my life it felt right, it felt like the next step in my artistic expression and I suddenly had a whole collective of people who were willing to support that!

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DA: You appeared at Dragworld 2018, and was on the incredible and powerful panel ‘It’s okay not to be okay’ how did it feel to be on such an important panel discussing mental health?

SOH: I felt honoured but also extremely privileged to be in that position. I think it is such an important topic to discuss in this day and age! It can be an extremely difficult topic to discuss, particularly for those that might not feel they have somewhere or someone to turn to so to be able to talk so openly and honestly about mental health at a platform like Dragworld was amazing and it was so very important. Everyone deals with it and in their own ways and I always think that open channels of communications are our best tools for tackling things that arise in life. And they do and it’s okay. You’re not always going to feel fabulous, life is not linear and it’s through talking and having safe spaces where we feel we can that you can open up and deal. Then we can truly dig deep and find ways of coping and dealing.

DA: For you what were the most stand out moments of the Dragworld weekend?

SOH: The okay to not be okay panel for sure but I also really enjoyed performing and meeting so many women and young people that support this art form.

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DA: How do you juggle being in a creative career on a day to day basis, any advice for those who struggle in achieving success?

SOH: I don’t always, I think I have 1 to two yearly crisis’ where I’m not sure what the hell I’m doing with my life. But that fuels my fire, I truly believe in life you must embrace the lows as much as the highs. When you struggle, I find, that’s when you truly question life, yourself and what you are doing on this planet. Though that is hard, and I know it can be really hard, they are also the moments that shape you, that help you define the type of person that you are and want to become through your actions. It is so important to believe in yourself and to be tenacious and just keep going. Find people that will support you and help to support others. It’s only through our connections and those relationships that we can really ever survive. We are all here for each other and it’s important to remember that.

DA: You’re aesthetic is very burlesque who inspires your style? And how would you describe Scarlett to new fans?

SOH: I like to think that I’m a burlesque drag queen, not one or the other but somewhere in between. A box hasn’t quite been made for Scarlett. I started out as a dancer, moved to burlesque and then drag. I never leave a skill I admire or think I require behind, they all influence and inform my practice and are important to me. I will always be a burlesquer and I love being a drag queen, but most importantly I am a dancer. Through and through everything stems from the art of movement and dance!

DA: You perform in the empowering drag collective L.A.D.S which is formed of The Family Fierce. How did the group form, and what would be the ultimate dream for the group?

SOH: The group formed from the family fierce, we wanted a performance space that was female and where all people could embrace and celebrate that. The ultimate goal I think would be to have lads on tour and space where we can have workshops and lectures and continue to inform the world of how fucking badass ALL women are!

DA: With their being so much amazing drag talent out there, who should everyone be following or keep an eye out for?

SOH: Virgin Extravaganzah is one of my ultimate faves, the family fierce and the lads cause you never know what we’re going to do next, Rhyss PiecesVictoria Sin and HERR name but a few. The UK drag scene is very eclectic and it’s full of phenomenal artists doing lots of different things!

DA: If you could create the perfect show to perform in who would you love to collaborate with?

SOH: Well I’m lucky to feel that has already been created with the lads.


DA: What advice do you have for any young queens trying to make it?

SOH: Really believe in yourself. It took me a very long time to do that and honestly if you don’t believe in your work you’ll find it hard for anyone else to.

DA: What future projects do you have coming up?

SOH: I have some fun choreography projects happening and coming up, I am always teaching which I love and I am working on a few new acts which I’m looking forward to bringing out.

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