Dragworld 2018 – A weekend in Drag Heaven

Another year done and dusted, Dragworld 2018 hit a new level of fabulousness. The bar was set high after the success of last years’  first convention. Whilst we all get back to reality, and rest up on the aches of the last weekend we present to you the lowdown of the weekend in all its sparkly glory!

The line up was bigger with more Rugirls, UK queens and kings, and plenty of vendors to shop till you drop. The atmosphere was one of euphoria, being surrounded by a room of like-minded individuals who all are together for one reason – drag.

Greeted by the giant drag sign the Olympia was brimming with talent and hundreds of drag fans. The layout was slightly different this year, which gave more space to move around and easily navigate from the catwalk to panels without squeezing through the queue to booths.

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Photo by Sparklesandemotions

For us, seeing the amount of our favourite UK queens being loved by so many fans was wonderful. The catwalk hosted all kinds of talent from across the UK, with Alfie Ordinary doing his fabulous Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat number, Joe Black’s ‘When I’m cleaning windows and Lydia ‘L Scabies lipsync to ‘Shoot me down’ robot style. All received by a roar of cheers and applause, as well as the Brighton bunch, the Her Upstairs queens, kings and baby queens entertained the crowds with the seats constantly filled with people happy to standing to soak up all the varied talent.

Photo by Sparklesandemotions

Like the catwalk, the panels were another level this year, with important topics being discussed. The ‘It’s okay to not be okay’ panel hosted by Crystal Lubrikunt allowed young fans to feel it’s important to allow self-care to be a priority.  Miss Fame, Jujubee and Scarlett O Hara all poignantly spoke of their own experiences of personal struggles.

The audience absorbed every word of wisdom with the queens encouraging yoga, meditation and doing little things you love. Afterwards, everyone agreed how incredibly important the topic was needed and all thanks to Crystal Lubrikunt’s idea to create a panel. Crystal Lubrikunt who is incredibly popular amongst fans, young ones in particular, is a massive advocate for mental health, and addressing the importance of acknowledging the issue.

The event ran seamlessly and was so organised there was never a moment of wondering what was happening onstage, where to locate panels, or how the meet and greets were ran. The weekend was enveloped in a bundle of love and happiness allowing fans young and old to embrace the passion allowing them to just be themselves for two days. So here’s to next years’ convention which we no doubt will be even bigger than this years.

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Photo by Sparklesandemotions

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