Breaking the rules with Anna Phylactic

Dragworld have been adding incredibly amazing UK queens to their expanding line up for what is turning to be a grand weekend. The latest addition pleased many fans as the announcement of the fabulous duo from Family Gorgeous; Anna Phylactic and Cheddar Gorgeous will be attending. The true royalty of UK drag, we grabbed a chat with Miss Phylactic if you didn’t know Anna before you certainly will now!

Dragadventures: How does it feel to be up for nomination on OUT magazines top 60 most sickening queens list? You are the only queen on there representing Manchester! We were absolutely thrilled to see you be nominated!

Anna Phylactic: I was quite surprised to see that my fellow Manchester queens didn’t make the list (they’re a majorly talented bunch) but also proud to represent them and be included in such an incredible lineup of queens!


DA: The Manchester scene has a very vast and varied drag scene, do you feel a lot of people are missing out on the local drag scene?

AP: I may be biased but I think Manchester has one of the most varied and exciting Drag scenes in the world. I do think that people are missing out if they don’t get out and see local talent as well as the queens they have seen on Drag race. Support your community! Be part of something!

DA: For drag race fans, some are becoming more aware of local drag which is great. For those who want to broaden their horizons who would you recommend to keep an eye out for?

AP: I’d certainly recommend any of the family Gorgeous, Donna Trump, Venus Vienna and Eva Serration are all pretty amazing performers and artists too! Going further afield I’d suggest Lydia L’scabies and Alfie Ordinary….also Myra Dubois is hilarious!

DA: Your looks are so artistic, who/what inspires you to create such stunning looks?


AP: I take inspiration from all around. I was obsessed with the 80’s for a while and loved the creativity of the Blitz kids and club kids! I come from a theatrical background so I love period costume and am constantly trying to bring elements into my drag.

Fashion fascinates me! What once was considered to be masculine or feminine is now perceived differently. I love that we have all these rules as a society and without sounding dull its great as a drag artist to break some rules and also educate. I’ve probably bored quite a lot of people with my historical facts. I’m also attracted anything brightly colored…I love neon or a more macabre Tim Burton vibe. I’m basically a mixed bag!

DA: What made you become the drag queen you are today and create such an interesting drag name as Anna Phylactic?

AP:  The name actually came from the night I first worked for! The night was called Aftershock. I was asked to create a character to host on the door and came up with Anna Phylactic as it was a type of shock. Oddly its always been one of my favourite words.DA: How would you sum up your drag persona in one sentence?

AP: Well I think visually I probably look a bit meaner than I actually am. I’d sum up my drag persona as being campy, ditzy and super fun!

DA: After making it to the finals of Drag Race Ambassador UK in 2015, you’ve been ranked as a very popular contender. If a Drag Race UK was to happen. Would you compete on the show, what do you think your strength would be?

AP: I know! There’s always talk though I’m not sure it’s ever going to happen! There was recently a video in circulation which I was featured in but actually, it was a picture of my friend Yassica Skreams that I’d painted to look like me (laughs) I’d compete on the show for sure. I think my strength would be in my performance but who knows what they’d throw at you, it would certainly be challenging and a lot of fun I’d imagine!

DA: The rise of Dragula has seen a batch of incredibly talented drag queens brought to the eyes of drag fans. Out of Dragula and Drag Race which show do you feel you’d most like to appear on?

AP: Do I have to choose?! I think I’d probably go for Dragula. It appeals to my darker side. I was always obsessed with Disney and Horror films, I was a bit of a sci-fi geek too. Though I’m not sure I’d like to be up for elimination. Did you see it where they had needles put through them? I’m not sure I’d get past one!

DA: What has been the best moment of your drag career to date?


AP: There have been so many highlights! I always love performing in Peaches Christ productions but having the opportunity to perform at The Castro Theatre in San Fransisco was epic. In fact, our whole American adventure was a highlight, really want to go back soon. Also getting to work alongside the House of Flamingo in Croatia was pretty amazing…..

DA: Where can fans catch you next and what is on the agenda this year?

AP: Well myself and my best friend Ruth Cockburn shall be doing a show in Edinburgh this year, myself and Cheddar will be at Drag World this year which I’m terribly excited about. I also did a film last year which is soon to be released and recently did an advert campaign with Cheddar and Liquorice for Transpennine express. I have some other fabulous projects lined up too but not sure I’m allowed to talk about them just yet! Anna is certainly one to watch if you aren’t yet then follow her on all social media and if you’re heading to Dragworld watch out for the talent!

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