Biblegirl666, the UK’s favourite 2 year old wild child of drag

At last year’s DragworldUK, a major part of the audience (including us) were introduced to a queen who is slaying the competition outside of Rupaul’s Drag Race and has managed to gather a major fan base in the UK and all over the world by being unapologetically herself. This fact is even more amazing considering the queen we’re talking about is only two years old – Of course, we’re talking about the original quitter of drag, the fiercest two-year-old of the Internet – Biblegirl666.

DA: The success of DragworldUK introduced you to a army of new fans. What can first time visitors expect from you this year?

Biblegirl: It really was and, quite frankly, still is mind-blowing how A) busy the convention itself was and B) how many people I was lucky enough to meet! This year, I hope will be no different! For first time visitors, you can expect nothing but good energies, hugs and smiles from where I stand at all times at the event! I really try my best to make sure that anybody coming to say hey doesn’t feel excluded, rushed or unappreciated!

DA: How did it feel to get a solo tour, straight off the bat off Dragworld? And will there be another tour?

Biblegirl: SURREAL. So surreal. The She Looks 2 Tour remains one of my favorite experiences and fondest memories. There are still days where it’s like ‘well, who the hell am I?’ because the fact that it even took place doesn’t completely register yet. I’m so extremely appreciative and grateful to DragWorld UK for making something a reality out of what I never even saw happening beyond a dream.


DA: Why do you think UK fans have taken you into their hearts?

Biblegirl: I have no idea, honestly!!! You better believe I wouldn’t change a thing about it though! If I were to guess, I’d say because I’m a goofball without much affect. I aim have fun with what I do and spread that vibe throughout an entire venue with everybody else!

These gorgeous pictures (taken during the She looks 2 – tour) were kindly provided by our friend Danielle, who told us why she is #teambible:

“Biblegirl has one of the kindest hearts on this planet. I’m so blessed to be a part of her journey and I couldn’t be any prouder about how successful she has become. Meeting her I felt like I was talking to my best friend. She is such a genuine person!”

DA: Was there any moments on the tour which was overwhelming, did you feel any particular pressure?

Biblegirl: I have a lot of self-image issues– Between acne/a touch & go history with body dysmorphia, finding the internal balance to shut out the excess, negative noises my own mind and insecurities were manifesting was one of the more present pressures. Outside of that, I have a penchant for loving to take forever to get ready (no rushing perfection!!!), and sometimes I’d stress that I wouldn’t be ready in time for the show, but it always came together in the end! I never want to disappoint those that are coming out to have fun with and support me.


DA: Have you had any weird fan encounters?

Biblegirl: I’d have to say the constant variable for weird fan encounters is just myself!

DA: You handle criticism with humour and honesty, why do you think internet trolls love to attack?

Biblegirl: Internet trolls love to attack because it feeds the insecurities they harbor in their subconscious. It’s a projection of fear, and a temporary bandaid for the ego.

DA: Dragqueenmerch has gone onto become a huge commercial success, with it being the main merchandise provider for fans, you must be incredibly proud. How did you start out? What are the major challenges when running a company like this?

Biblegirl: I am so proud, and it is so crazy to see where the business has gone in three short years! The website started out as a side project for my own drag merch when I just started out, and had left fashion school in NYC. I received my Associates Degree in womenswear fashion design, but was burnt out on the industry after my college experience.


I began the program for my Bachelors Degree, but after a few months left once I started feeling my gut and intuition pulling me towards pursuing drag full time. Upon leaving, I knew it was sink or swim for success, and I wasn’t going to allow failure to be an option.

Drag fan @emilydurrant_xo sporting her DragQueen Merch

Drag fan @emilydurrant_xo sporting some of her items.

DA: As a non ru girl –  do you find as a drag performer it tougher to get booked without having to appear on drag race?

Biblegirl: Without a doubt, I don’t let it stop me though!

DA: On a scale of 1-10 how annoying does it get when people talk, compare or ask about drag race to you?

Biblegirl: 2. It really doesn’t bother me anymore– it once did because I coveted a spot on the show for so long, but after establishing myself to be running on a parallel with the tier system the show essentially created, I’m just happy to be a part of the conversation at this point!

DA: As a two year old that got booked at major events like Dragworld and the Drag Ball. How did you get started in Drag and what makes you different from the other toddlers in the drag kindergarten ?

Biblegirl: I started drag outside of the industry itself, for me. I had a passion for color theory, makeup application and painting with a perspective which was often mocked in college. That fueled me to stick to my guns and follow my gut. Something that makes me different from everybody else is my industry come-up experience, it has granted me empathy, an open-mindedness towards others I never thought could be possible, and tenacity.

DA: Last but not least, let’s look into the future. What are your plans for the next two years?

Biblegirl: Figuring out how to not age past looking 2 and WORLD DOMINATION!

The DragAdventures  Team would like to say a huge “thank you” to Biblegirl and we’re sure she’ll figure out a way to keep slaying the competition. See you at Dragworld, queen!

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