Remembering is fundamental. 5 Drag Adventures we’ll never forget

Our first drag trips of the year might be over (is it really march already?!), but we are still looking forward to a year full of amazing Drag Adventures and memories waiting to be made.

At our last team meeting (we do those regularly to plan out all the drag goodness we have in store for our lovely readers), we realized that our little blog is already half a year old! This made us feel like such proud parents and we want to thank you all for coming along on our adventures across the UK as well as for your support and contributions from all over the world.

So, let’s celebrate our 6 months together by taking a trip down memory lane – we present to you our top 5 of favourite moments of all the adventures we’ve had the chance to experience thanks to the force that Drag has become in our lives.

1 – DragWorld UK 2017 & The Drag Ball

The first event we attended as #TeamDragAdventures was DragworldUK and The Drag Ball 2017. Now, for all of you who were there in August of last year, you will probably agree with us that living in our very own Drag World for a whole weekend was pretty much a magical experience.

The moment we entered the venue, we felt the atmosphere change and got all giddy and excited. But when we catched the first glimpse of one of our favourite queens – Adore Delano – it hit us that we really would get to see all those beautiful talented people live and in the flesh instead of through our laptop screens. We have to admit that for the first 30 minutes or so, we tried to not get completely overwhelmed by that prospect.


Then, we strolled around the venue to take a look at the stages, booths and the toy-themed decorations, before we really started our Dragworld-Adventure by attending the first panel of the day. After a full day of drag excitement, we got to experience The Drag Ball at the Eventim Apollo in London.

This was certainly a show that wowed us with their performances – at this point, let’s all take a bow to those queens who after a whole day of being in drag and meeting fans still slayed the stage: Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderfuck, Jinkx Monsoon, Ginger Minj, Violet Chachki, Charlie Hides, Meth the Drag Queen and the surprise guest from NYC aka Biblegirl666. We couldn’t think of any better way to let our first Dragworld day end and really had a ball (yes, we’ve made a pun – deal with it Brenda!).

We could go on writing a whole book about that weekend but as the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words and so, here are some pics summing up our favourite #DragworldMemories.


#The Drag Goes Pop Panel

The second panel we attended on the Saturday, with Adore Delano, Ginger Minj, Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck. We loved seeing those four queens interact and having fun on the panel stage. Ginger Minj was a fabulous hostess and every queen shared their thoughts on the role of dragqueens in the music industry.

#The Hey Qween Panel


Johnny and Lady Red welcomed Sharon Needles to a live version of their show and we just loved the dynamics between those three, which translated to a lot of laughs but also to some serious T such as Sharon giving the fans hints about her (then) upcoming album, Battle Axe. Bonus moment: Sharon joking about changing her name to Sharon Noodles while eating a cup of instant noodles.

#The Cult Films for Drag Fans Panel

top 10 dragworld 4

This panel saw Adore, Jinkx, Sharon and Katya discuss some of their all-time favourite drag-related films and we had the best time watching these queens interact with each other.

Panel Bonus moments: Adore channeling Amy Winehouse while wearing a rhinestone cat-ear headband and Alaska entering the panel stage in style with a giant purple umbrella.

#M&G aren’t (that) fundamental to have a good time

Last year, we were a bit “tardy to the party” and only had one Meet and Greet each (for Jinkx Monsoon and Sharon Needles). Of course, at first, we were a bit sad that we wouldn’t get the chance to meet all of our faves in person, but in retrospect, we can say that we still had the most amazing time and this was in part due to the fact that we didn’t pack our time at Dragworld with tons of meets.

So, instead of spending all day in lines, we had time to see panels and just look at other fans meeting their faves like we did when Adore Delano did an an impromptu M&G at her booth on Sunday (if you can’t be happy for someone else, you should maybe rethink your priorities). We’re not saying that you shouldn’t get as many M&G as you want to (we’ve seen the twitter controversy on that subject), but we’re saying that you can still have a good time at Dragworld even if you only have a small number of them. Bonus moment: our team got to meet Biblegirl, we said hi to Lady Red and Johnny from Hey Qween and we got to watch Ginger Minj letting her fans sit on her lap for the M&G on sunday afternoon, which was about the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.


#The Cosplays and Costumes

During the whole weekend, our jaws dropped to the floor more than once whenever we saw somebody either doing a spot-on cosplay of their favourite queens or really rocking the toy box – theme. Our team got to live our Barbie and pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows – fantasy and that’s part of what makes the experience so special: far from from society’s standards and limits, we felt as if we could be anything we wanted without anybody there to judge us. That’s how the whole world should be, but until it is (hey, we can dream!), at least we have that weekend in August to go live in our glittery Drag World for 48 hours.

#The Drag Ball

First of all, all of the performing queens put on an amazing show and had us jumping up and down in excitement even if some of us had been in heels all day. So, here are some of our favourite moments: Violet doing a burlesque number while in a green feathered outfit and looking perfect, Sharon rocking a pink wig and showing the kids what punk really means and last but not least, Alaska in her signature messy buns greeting us with her famous ‘Hieeeeeeeee’ singing some of our most favourite songs ever. Bonus moment: Jinkx performing ‘Coffee and Wine’,aka the song that gets stuck in our heads after every performance because it’s so catchy and we just love the combination.

top 10 dragworld 6

We hope we’ve made you very excited to attend Dragworld 2018 with our little trip down memory lane and if you want to share your memories of the 2017 edition, send us your picture(s) with a short description to our email: dragadventuresblog@ .

P.S. If you’d like to see more of our photos, check out our gallery on here, visit our instagram (@dragadventures12) or our facebook page.

See you next time!

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