Jaremi Carey– A Magical Multitalent

She’s known for many things that make her one of the most standout stars at this years‘ DragworldUK: Jaremi Carey has not only shared her musical talent through her album “Fever Heart“, she’s also graced us with her iconic 365 days of drag project that showcases her massive amount of creativity and dedication to the art of drag. Qualities anyone lucky enough to be at this years DragworldUK Drag Ball got to witness live, when she got us all under her spell with her explosive and magical performance dressed as Harry Potter Villain Bellatrix Lestrange!

We were lucky enough to get to talk to Jaremi for a quick interview during the convention because this one was very busy meeting fans at the M&G and the booth alike, rightfully receiving all the love and appreciation she deserves! We talk UK Drag Race, future projects, and more!

DA: If you could make a challenge for the UK queens what would it be?

Jaremi Carey: I’ve always said it, but once you come of the show you are constantly getting ready in different places even in the car. We are always on the go and super busy so you gotta get used to it. It’s kind of similar to the season 5 challenge of getting ready in the dark, and the infamous face Alaska creates along with the scream (laughing)

DA: What would you like to see from Drag Race UK that hasn’t been a part of the American version?

JC: Talented queens! (Laughs). Just kidding, but they are already so different, since the style in the UK is so different than the queens from America, so I like that, because its their own style, I wouldn’t change anything I’m excited to see what they come up with!

DA: What advice/tips would you give to your UK drag race sisters?

JC: Well from me personally, everyone is going to have an opinion but you can choose to take it or choose to ignore it. There are going to be tonnes of people who love you and you need to focus on that.

DA: You’ve had a tonne of love during this and last years Dragworld, does it tend to get overwhelming?

JC: A little overwhelming (laughing) I really have, last year was crazy, so I didn’t know if this year people would be sick of me and be like Nah don’t care about her. Last night I was up reading posts on social media and it means a lot, especially when people comment ‘It’s true she is really sweet’ (laughs) I do try to tell people I’m a nice person and it’s just a TV show.

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DA: Do you have any more plans to release any more music soon ?
: The latest album I did with my current management. When I do switch there will be a new album, I would love to be able to do that.

DA: Can we get an upcoming Tour?

JC: I would love to tour, I never got to with the last album so that is something I would absolutely love to do.

DA: If you could be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent?

JC: I‘d rather be intelligent, then you can always learn how to be funny (laughs).

DA: How much preparation went into 365 days of drag?

JC: Zero- literally zero. A lot of the things I made up on the spot. 

DA: How many of the costumes were made in advance ?

JC: None of them, when I knew about the theme, for example, the 90’s I would plan that ahead of time but a lot of the time I would go to the thrift store and I would find pieces that I thought were cool and I would make up looks on the spot. Sometimes I would do 14 in one day, it was during All stars 2 so I was on tour as well so I had to make sure everything was done. 

DA: Were there any looks that took longer that you ran out of time to create?
JC: Yes, I didn’t run out of time, I just kind of gave up which was My Little Pony. They took so much fucking work. There was only one face so I had to take it off, rewash it, and put it back on and it was too much so then I was like ‘I’m just doing 6, fuck it’.

DA: Do you think you have enough ideas to for the next 365 days of drag?

JC: I could do it again…am I going to do it again? No. But for Halloween, I want to do a makeup tutorial on YouTube because so many people asked how to make the looks. I want to do that accompanied with a look so I’ll try and bring 31 characters to life during Halloween.

DA: Would you ever want to publish all the 365 days of drag into a book? PP: I was actually going to do a book during 365 days of drag but the publishing company wanted to keep the images so I was like I’m not going to do that. 

DA: What advice would you have for someone starting their drag journey? 
JC: Earlier in the start I was like fuck what anyone else says and that’s absolutely true.

Everyone’s going to have an opinion about what drag should be but that’s not what drag is. Drag is finding your own character. The thing is, it’s just makeup so play with it, if you fuck up, you can wash it off and start over and I think, as long as you’re doing something that you love, and I’ve said it before, the people around you will eat off your positive energy and see that you’re enjoying yourself and I think that’s the most important part.

We would like to thank Jaremi and his team for making this interview possible and are looking forward to the next projects this one puts out! If you want to know why we all are massive Jaremi supporters here on DragAdventures, read our Five Reasons Why: Jaremi edition!

Keep an eye on all things Phi Phi O’ Hara on the following social media, and let Dragworld know that you want her back for 2020!

Twitter: @JaremiCarey
Instagram: @Justjaremi

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