Lydia L‘Scabies: Our favorite Brighton Queen Flea

How does one describe Lydia ‘L Scabies? We first got to witness her talent and performance style over two years ago, when she opened for Adore Delano at Powder Rooms Brighton. Since then, we, as so many of our readers, have completely fallen for this multi-talented queen: her theatrical performances, incredibly creative endeavors and of course her being a little bit of a slag made us become avid followers of Brighton‘s Supreme Flea Bag.

Among Lydia’s most amazing feats figure creating award winning shows as part of the duo ‘Cinebra’ (with partner in crime Rococo Chanel, both displaying Halloween loving girls Soph and Megan), as well as her being the latest addition to drag group Gals Aloud, among UK queens’ Cheryl Hole, Kitty Claus, Ophelia Love and HERR, living up to her own drag persona Lydia plays the ever troublemaker Sarah Harding.

We caught her over the Dragworld weekend to have a little chat about Dragworld past and present, Drag Race UK and what’s next for Miss L’Scabies!

Dragadventures: This is your second Dragworld appearance, how has the experience changed from last year?

Lydia: You know what I was really nervous about last year (laughing) I don’t know why I think it’s because I didn’t know what to expect really. But this year coming into it with a fresh mind I knew what to expect so I was much more relaxed and confident. It really is a great event for everyone to attend.

DA: With RuPaul’s Drag Race UK around the corner – if you could come up with any challenge, what would it be?

Lydia: Oh god, well there is a rumour on one of those Reddit/Youtube drama channels, that there will be a Harry Potter drag ball theme. Which I’m so on-board with only because I would become a Mandrake I would have a pot as my feet and do a dramatic runway. I’d then just scream down the whole runway.

DA: What’s up next for you? Will we be getting any Halloween shows this year (House of Grand Parade made a return in 2018)

Lydia: Yes there will be a Halloween show this year, it will be happening again, can’t say too much and give it away. We should announce that at some point not sure when, umming and arhin about who will be headliner. We were really lucky with having Abhora last year, I wish I could give you the working title but I think Ro would kill me, it’s a happy working relationship that works really well I love her dearly. We’re both just so busy, but we plan on doing a Sophie and Megan Christmas Presents for a second year too.

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Lydia during Dragworld 2019. Photos by @Sparklesandemotions

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Catch Lydia L’Scabies on the ‘God Save The Queens’ UK tour this December with Holy Trannity get tickets here.

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