Fabulous and Divine: Divina De Campo

With DragTech just 18 days away (Yes really!) here at Dragadventures we’re super excited to be attending. With a diverse mix of not only the lovely RuGirls but also the fantastic talents of the UK queens, we grabbed a chat with the fabulous Divina De Campo.

Fans are incredibly excited for DragTech and getting more excited by the day and so we should be “There’s going to be shows and panels in the main room which I’ll be involved in. I will, of course, be floating about saying hello as well.” But what brought Divina to this level of UK success, we all have pipe dreams and getting started came from a young age “I’d always dressed up playing pretend as a child especially witches. Then at uni I seemed to always go to the fancy dress disco as girls and it sort of grew from that I guess.”

Dream the dream

Of course, growing up we all had our inspirations Divina’s was a UK legend “I remember watching lily savage on the Tv in the kitchen and being enthralled. She was just so funny and clearly not a woman but enough of a female presentation to create the character.” However, this in itself didn’t lead her to the path of becoming the queen she is today, she, in fact, wanted to pursue theatre. “It wasn’t really what I’d dreamt of lol! I’d wanted to do musical theatre but I’m very small and super camp so you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got. I love it though. It allows me to make my own work and have a laugh with people.”


RuPaul’s drag race has most definitely taken center stage within the drag community and gained many new fans to drag in general. Some have mixed views on this, however, has Divina seen the impact? “Yes, definitely with their presence being seen on television more often and being used in shows it’s definitely come back round.” To those wondering who entertains her most and where to have the most fun,

Divina recommends “I love the Two Brewers they’re always up for a sing-song and a dance.” Her inner theatre performer comes out when asked who her dream performance duet would be with “La Scala singing come coloratura.”

Photo Source: @DivinaDecampo (Instagram)

We now allow the fans to ask their questions for Divina:

Have you had any weird fan experiences/encounters?

Nothing too weird. There are times when people have told their group of friends that we are best mates which is weird when it comes back. The sort of stories they make up about you. That’s very strange.

Favourite song to lip sync to?

Miss Otis ‘Regrets’

Favourite song to sing live?

Poor wandering one’

Hardest thing about being a drag queen?

Long hours, lots of travel, people thinking they can touch you.’

Drag queen crush?

Blah Ivory

What was it like being a drag queen on the voice?

Great! They were so lovely to me I really enjoyed the whole experience.

divina 3
Divina on the Voice UK. Photo Source: Youtube.

And for those wondering what’s next for the star “I just moved to Gran Canaria and am getting myself settled out there ready for some theatre stuff in the UK with Dancing Bear and more Holy Trannity events as well.”

Remember for those attending DragTech to go say hello and be sure to follow Divina De Campo on the following social media channels:



Twitter: @Divinadecampo

YouTube: @divinadecampo

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