One of a kind Disaster; Disasterina

Season three of Dragula is in the works, fans are waiting patiently to see what super monsters are to be unleashed on us next. UK fans have really taken to Dragula due to the personalities, the creative looks, and of course the eating of pig brains. One super monster from season two that stood out for creativeness and the wonderfully weird personality is of course; Disasterina.

Dragadventures: How would you describe your drag aesthetic and how did the drag name Disasterina come to be?Disasterina: “Disasterina is Los Angeles’ Most Disastrous Drag Queen. She is a bizarre enigma from an undetermined foreign place who skips through the minefield of life in skyscraper heels. Audibly gushing (and sassily grunting) with a visible clit boner, she stirs up a whirlwind of destruction as she blows your mind…and other parts.When I was trying to find a voice and a name, the first adjective that came to mind was ‘disastrous’. So, I simply feminized that word to Disasterina, and most importantly da URL was available! I was big influence by John Waters trashy esthetic. Divine and Mink Stole was a huge inspiration!


DA: How long have you been doing drag and what made you delve into the world of drag?

D: “The first thing I did as Disasterina was the ‘Disasterina Drag Queen Vlog (numero uno)‬’ video which I posted in March of 2015. I didn’t start performing in da clubs until months later. My first Queen Kong appearance (The club that The Boulet Brothers do) was in November of 2015.”I have been an artist all my life. But, at one point a few years ago I became very disillusion with the art-fart scene and stopped doing art altogether! However, being a super artsy person it was impossible for me to not do something creative! So, I had all these funny sketches I had written just for fun and I decided to do videos of them with my friends!At first I was the writer/director, but eventually, I got tired of herding da “actor cats” and decided to do some acting myself! At the time my wife and I were huge fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race (still are even tho the queens are pretty boring lately) so it was just natural for me to start wearing da lipstick and pantyhose! The first queen I did was called Grufs and she was an aging German supermodel. She appeared in a video called “Very Boy Fall Collection”. Disasterina was eventually my next persona and the focus was spoof, comedy, parody, but also an actual view into what I was doing creatively! That’s why it started as a Vlog format.


DA: Your Youtube channel ‘Cold Sluts on Fire’ is a creative bunch of videos, in fact, a lot of varied characters came from this fantastic channel. Fans would like to know what made you stick with Disasterina out of all the characters you’ve created?

D: “It’s very difficult to get a following for sketch comedy on YouTube or anywhere else! So, after a lot of trying, promo, and all that, Disasterina was the one character that seemed to be most funny and interesting to people. She was da most “sticky” (as you could well imagine). Also, it was the most phun for me because I get to be sexy and horrify people at the same time! I love et when people they get uncomfortable! They can’t resist in thinking about me behind their mind, they secretly masturbate to me, I feel et on the back of my neck, my hairs they stand up and my yumpa get tingly too!”

DA: What made you want to apply for such an extreme show such as Dragula?

D: “I didn’t know if I fit in honestly! My main inspiration was Divine, I was trashy, and I loved to freak people out but, I wasn’t that into horror. Howevs, once the first season of Dragula came out I got really jealous and started thinking why those mean girls dint ask me to be on da show! That idea was gurgling in my brain bone for awhile and I started to become obsessed with drag. I really started to do things right, getting weird and extreme, and more people they start to notice and I start to get a reputation! So, when season 2 auditions rolled around I was going to audition, but to my surprise, The Boulet’s asked me to audition before I did et! So, those mean girls, they made up for et after all!

 DA: Was the competition tougher than what you thought it would be? What was your favorite runway look?

D: “It was tough in some ways but surprisingly not tough in other ways. I really was baby queen, not doing drag very long AT ALL and the thing that I dint have enough experience in was performance. I was more of a youtube video queen so I dint do as well as I could’ve in that area, I really only performed very occasionally before da show even tho I had been doing performance art before doing drag.My non-acting performances on da show suffered from lack of experience I felt. But, the costume and look and feel I toats nailed the entire time! I was surprised at some points about lack of craftsmanship and fashion design from many of da queens! I would look around the Boudoir and think to myself “really, bitch? that’s fucking SHABBY”! Victoria, Abhora, and Dahli had some good stuff fo sho! But, MY looks were the best of the season! My fav non-Disasterina runway maybe Vicky Alien or Abhora Ghost. My fav as far as da makeup goes, James, Abhora, Victoria, and Biqtch were very good, the standout being James IMO.”

Disaterina with season two Dragula sister Abhora. Photo Source: Disaterina

DA: As one of the eldest on the show (although age is just a number) do you feel this helped you focus more in the competition or that you became the voice of reason amongst the younger queens?

D: “I was ALWAYS da oldest bitch on the entire set including crew! But I dint feel like et AT ALL! I had crazy energy da whole time! I used ALL my energy for creativity and dint get bog down with arguing like some queens did. I always felt it a HUGE privilege to be on that set! So thankful to those mean girls the Boulets for casting me! Every time I couldn’t contain my appreciation for this and so I was super friendly and supportive to everyone! I felt like I would be a stupid dumbo to waste this bizarre experience with anything other than effort to make something beautiful! It almost felt like my second life had started! The persona of Disasterina felt like a rebirth of a trash deity! I was like a magical kooky being! Why waste et with stupid fighting about nothing? You think you gon get chance like that again???? NOOOO!!!”

DA: If you had your time again, would you do anything different? How has your drag evolved from that series?

D: “I would have a different attitude about the performances. But, I had to learn et the hard way. Dragula taught me a lot! The best thing I got from Dragula was inspiration from Abhora about live performance. She throws herself out there and she takes no prisoners! I needed to be more disastrous! Now, I always want to terrorize the audience, make them uncomfortable, and give them a fierce and sexy explosion, I want to get in their faces! I was doing a little of that before, but not enough! When you see Disasterina you gon get an ejaculation of angst, I’m gon growl at you, you proly goon get wet!”

DA: How was your life changed since appearing on Dragula, have you had any crazy fan encounters?

D:  “All of a sudden I’m “micro-famous”! I really like this! People from all over the world contact me and get inspired by what I do. I saw on IG someone in Chile do a drag number with one of my songs! My mind was blown! I really appreciate them! The biggest fans are the ones that are weird, and different, and don’t fit in anywhere! THAT is my constituency! That my breaded butter! I’m happy to be their trashy DRAGMILF and lead them like a perverted pied piper into the fantastic world of FAK U CONVENTIONALITY!”


DA: Do you think a lot of people were shocked when they found out you are married to a woman and have a young daughter? Many thought it was great that a straight drag queen was featured in the competition.

D: “I’m really the first on any of these drag competition shows to be this kinda different and that’s significant. The Boulets don’t give a damn about what you are or what you do as long as you an XLNT drag queen!Boulet Brothers and Dragula great curators of unusual art, so they get da best! I think many people surprised by me on da show but they shouldn’t be really because Drag is very famous in popular culture these days!RuPaul may only want a certain kind of queen on her show but it’s so worldwide popular that EVERYBODY gets inspired by et including me!Now all the people that are inspired who are different than the usual queen want to play too! The unicorns they break out of the stable with all the other wonderful creatures and good luck getting them to come back! Too late buster! That’s a good thing because Drag is an art and people should express themselves ALWAYS! Drag is a creative pursuit so get out there and SLAY… just don’t do et better than me!”

DA: Dragula is incredibly popular in the UK and UK fans are waiting very patiently for a Dragula tour, will you be visiting the UK any time soon?

D: “There hasn’t been as many Dragula-related touring opportunities as I was hoping so, I have to take this upon myself. I WILL be in the UK for performances by the end of the year. I don’t know how I’m goin’ to do et, but I’m going to do et! Nobody gon stop this trashy monstrosity from being with my UK fans! But, I need help! You got a club? You run a drag show? You got a place to stay? You got transport? Then u contact me!”

DA: And finally what’s to come in the world of Disasterina and where can we find you next?

D: “So many projects so little time! I’m cast on a role-play D&D show called Dungeon Queenz ( Also, working on a pilot for a TV show, a have a booth at DragCon and a lot of other phun little tidbits all over the place!”

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