Behind the mask: Monikkie Shame

Dragula season two exploded into the hearts of horror and drag fans everywhere. The show was full of its fair share of creative looks, loud personalities, and just a bit of drama. Monnikie was portrayed as a controversial and drama queen from the get-go, however as we all know it’s a TV show and not real life. We loved all the queens and believe in giving everyone a chance to highlight how fabulous they are, we got to interview the horrifically wonderful Monnikie Shame, we didn’t get to see enough of her on Dragula. Read on to see why many adore this queen…

DragAdventures: What made you want to apply for a show such as Dragula? Did you find the experience was what you thought it would be?

Monnikkie Shame: I started out already a monster queen the first time I went out I was scary and terrifying. So after years passed and I started performing more I found out about the Boulet Brothers cause they host our gay pride here in Seattle.

I then learned about the Dragula pageant and everything that they did. So when season 1 came out my Seattle sister Ursula was on there and I was automatically hooked! I knew that I was gonna get on season 2 cause I mean I’m terrifying and at that point, there were not many “tranimal” performers being noticed so I wanted to throw my hat or (mask) into the ring! And it was everything and more. It was probably the coolest experience I’ve ever had and I got to make sisters along the way. Which is hard for horror performers out there.

DA: How did Monikkie come to be? Were there other names whilst creating the queen you are today, as the name suits your aesthetic very well. 


MS: My name sorta started out as a joke and it was gonna be Monikkie payalarenta but they couldn’t fit that on fliers so I just went with Monikkie. Then that stupid Facebook name thing happened and I had to have a last name so I just put shame cause I’m pretty shameful!

DA: The mask has been your recognizable feature of drag, what made you choose to use a ‘prop’ and what inspired your drag character?
MS: I didn’t really think of it as a prop I just thought of it as another style of drag, before drag I was a pornstar, escort, and MySpace kid with 98k followers.

I didn’t want to be known for all that, I didn’t wanna be treated differently cause people were attracted or liked the boy version of me, I wanted to be recognized as an artist differently from what I did behind closed doors. What inspired me the most was the late 80s early 90s club kid scene, it was fueled with sex drugs and looks. That’s a world I wanna live in and that’s the world Monikkie lives in.
DA: What would you say for you personally was the most difficult part of the whole show?

MS: I think putting your life on hold and just leaving and not telling anyone anything. Hiding inside a house with people you don’t know. I don’t have a lot of family pretty much my brother is the only one I have left so it was hard distancing myself and isolating myself. It was worth it.

DA: Dragula has given competitors some truly gross eliminations and fantastic challenges, What was your favourite challenge during the competition?

MS: I wanted to do the rock and roll one so bad, I feel like so many girls missed the mark on that challenge cause, I had a vulvatron gwar look and I was so excited. And to get a free tattoo? I would have gone all out on that I woulda got a sick ass tattoo across my forehead! (laughs)


DA: What is the man behind the mask really like? Do you find people judge you more wearing one or find it a different aesthetic?
MS: I’m a chill stoner with a puppy who just likes to drink and have fun, I think the internet thinks I’m this big basket case but those people don’t know me or will never meet me cause they are like 12. A lot of people dislike Monikkie cause they think she isn’t real drag or whatever or not a real queen. But I’m the one constantly traveling while there bitching so meh let them judge!

DA: How do you feel the experience of the last year from filming process to seeing Dragula finished, has it evolved for you as not only a drag queen but a person?
MS: A lot has happened since filming and airing of the show. It has had its ups and so many downs, but it has pushed me to evolve and get outside my head and try more! And I’ve learned to be more patient! Something I am horrible at (laughing)

DA: Do you feel viewers got to see the real you? Or that they got a dramatic storyline that isn’t a real portrayal of you as a drag queen?
MS: Viewers only got to see 2 character challenges, both episode one and 2 were character challenges.  So no they didn’t get to see the real me. The only real thing they saw is if someone comes for me I’ll say something back.

I wanted to go into this as the villain and that’s what a lot of people don’t really understand that at the end of the day it’s tv… it’s about creating something going with it and living up to it. After the show aired and I have traveled and performed with so many other queens they all are surprised at how funny chill and nice I am.


DA: Will the UK get to see you perform anytime soon? And where can fans find you performing next?
MS: I am actually flying out to Denver with Loris this Friday and super excited for that and hopefully in the UK soon!

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