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Whilst at Dragadventures we’ve focused on such much fantastic UK talent, we’re slowly branching out to showcase the amazing worldwide local queens for us all to explore and learn about. We bring to you the stunning Cookie Kunty a French queen from the picturesque city of Paris, who talks about the local drag scene, her interesting drag name, and her incredibly creative looks.

Dragadventures: Firstly, what inspired your drag name and for you to get into the drag industry? 

Cookie Kunty: I always wanted a name that was neither a female or man name and something that would be a positive thought! Something effective and simple to remember and pronounce in every language. I guess that’s how I came up with Cookie (everybody loves cookies!) as for my last name It was a play on words with Cookie cutter and hunty. Something to make my drag name both sweet and fierce!

DA: What motivates you most with doing your drag, what artists inspired you in particular? 

CK: I love thinking about the looks and makeup, of course, I guess I’m inspired by so many things like retro glam, Japan, and a bit of sci-fi! I get my inspiration from everything I guess!

DA: How would you describe the aesthetic and personality of Cookie Kunty?

CK: Cookie is a gorgeous creature, motherly figure too but way too young to have stretch marks! I like being relatable but fierce and sometimes spooky too! Cookie is generous and kindhearted mostly.

Photo By Jean-Baptiste Santens

DA: Paris creates a scene of stunning scenery and culture, what is the French drag scene like, what local queens would you recommend to readers?

CK: We have an increasing number of drag, clubkids, and queer people in general and it’s amazing really. I love Le Filip he’s a fabulous performer, you should know about Meduza too she’s stunning, Nomai and Mariska Stardust are diamonds, of course, my baby daughter Cherry Kunty too! And as clubkids, you should know Tiggy Thorn, The Arseniek, Klaus Wiekind, Kam Hugh, Le Menestrel so much talent in one city!

DA: You create some incredibly stunning looks, do you come up with particular concepts before creating looks? Which one has been your favourite to date?

CK: I really don’t know where I get my ideas from, most certainly from fashion, movies things surrounding me or my own twisted mind! I think one of my faves was the Cindy Lou look for Christmas with this enormous wig the Arseniek did for me or the Amanda Lepore look (had so much fun being her for a night)!

DA: In the makeup world, who inspires you the most. Would ever love to do a makeup collaboration be it through product or with MUA artists?


CK: I love Ellis Atlantis that you probably know, Statementpieceofmakeup too, Ida Elina, I’d love to collaborate with MUAs that’d be such a good opportunity to learn more!

DA: What kind of advice would you give newer artists regarding staying on track with their work? 

CK: Don’t let people tell you what your drag should be like, work hard (no joke), practice if you want to improve your skills, nothing comes for free, no one owes you a thing, do it for yourself but when you’re in drag you are for everyone too so be kind, humble and nice to others.

DA: What’s the most rewarding part of doing what you do?

CK: Getting people to have a great time and giving back the love!

DA: What’s been your favourite show you’ve performed in? Is there anyone you’d absolutely love to work with?

CK: I loved performing for Sasha Velour’s coronation tour in Dublin and Milkshake festival was fabulous in Amsterdam too! I’d love to work with Love Bailey, Lepore, Von Teese, or any artist that is exciting and avant-garde really!


DA: You have quite the following amongst UK readers, will there be a chance of seeing you do any appearances soon? Are you hoping to go to the U.K. or travel at all? 

CK: Ooh do I? I’d love so very much to come to the UK to perform but I can’t afford the trip by myself! Maybe I’ll be flown to Manchester in September it’s still unsure! The UK queer scene is so exciting!

To stay up to date with Cookie Kunty follow her social media below:

Instagram: @cookie_kunty

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