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We at Dragadventures love to share new music with our lovely readers, and today is a true treat: Introducing an artist that has rocketed to success with the latest single “Where did U come from”, representing the mental battle between right and wrong. Eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spy the familiar masked face of the wonderful Stella Marbles in the accompanying music video. We got the pleasure to talk to Jennings Couch about the creative process, success, working with Stella, and of course the fun festivities of Christmas!

DragAdventures: Hi Jennings! Can you introduce yourself a little bit to our readers – since the festive season is just around the corner, what are you looking forward to this Christmas?

Jennings Couch: Hey! Thanks for having me. So I’m Jennings Couch, I was born in New York City and moved to the UK when I was 9 years old. My parents still live in the states, so for the Christmas holiday I will be heading back there to see them. My family means a lot to me so I’ll always make sure I’ve got time to see them.

DragAdventuresOk, let’s get real – since we discovered you and your music, we can say that the whole team is religiously listening to your new single “Where did U come from“. What was the inspiration behind the song and what’s your favorite part about coming up and producing new musical material?

JC: I’m so glad you guys like the new single! The song actually happened really quickly. It was written and recorded within a couple of days. I guess I just had a really creative moment! The song is about the battle between good and evil or right and wrong and how our mind deals with situations in which we feel conflicted. My favourite part of any new composition is writing the music, whereas the lyrics always take me a while!

DragAdventuresYour biography is quite the journey itself, would you say being rooted in different cultures and places has had an impact on you and your music and if yes, how so? Also, how did you figure out you wanted to be a musician and how did you get started within the music industry?

JC: I would say yes, moving around has definitely influenced my writing style. A lot of people say my music sounds ‘American’ which is interesting. But I suppose I do enjoy that ‘anthemic’, big sound that you get from American bands like Imagine Dragons. I realised I wanted to be a musician when I asked my parents for guitar lessons when I was 7 years old. From there, I learned piano, then drums, then vocal lessons, until it was time to go to university and I chose to study songwriting. I was hooked!

DragAdventures: Speaking of journeys, it must feel absolutely crazy to go from releasing your first your pieces of music to performing all over the world and getting so much recognition for your work. Do you have a favorite or otherwise memorable moment from when you were touring with your music?

JC: It has been an incredible journey but it is still only the beginning! China was an incredible experience. We actually spent more time travelling there then we did on the ground. Ill never forget this guy coming up to me after my show and, with the help of a translator, he said “I will be a rockstar like you one day”, before handing me one of his guitar picks. I then gave him my guitar pick that I had just performed with. It was a lovely moment where we couldn’t understand each other, but we actually could? If that makes sense?

DragAdventures: Let’s circle back to your new single for a second, because, of course, we also watched your music video and were of course super happy when we saw one of our featured artists Stella Marbles. How did this collaboration come together and is there a chance we get to see more from the both of you combining your creative forces in the future?

JC: Ah! Stella Marbles is amazing!! So Stella actually went to my high school in Buckinghamshire before I moved to London for University. She was in my younger sister’s grade. We never really spoke until I ran into her randomly in my area East London. I found out what she was doing, loved it, and asked her if she’d be interested in collaborating. I think it’s safe to say you will see us together again in the future.

DragAdventures: Imagine you get to headline a music festival with one of your favorite fellow musicians/bands out there – who would it be and what would the vibe of your set be like? If you had to pick three people who influenced you in your creative work, who would it be and why?

JC: Ah this is a tough question. I’ve got some many influences and artists that inspire me. If I had to headline with anybody, I think I’d say Twenty One Pilots. I love they way they blend genres and put on a massive live show. Three artists that have really influenced me are Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons and Grandson. All for different reasons, but mainly for their edgy take on commercial pop music.

DragAdventures: What would be the absolute dream goal to achieve in the future? And where can our readers follow your musical journey and hopefully see you perform live?

JC: My goal is to thrive in my genre of alternative pop/rock and really make a name for myself. You guys can follow me on all socials @jenningscouch. I’m always gigging and releasing new music, so watch this space!

Be sure to follow Jennings on his social media below:

Instagram: @jenningscouch

Twitter: @jenningscouch

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