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Let’s face it. Music makes the world a better place – we all have that one song, that will make us smile and want to get up and dance as soon as the first note hits. And for us, this has definitely been today’s artists’ latest release, because we couldn’t agree more with the message and so, we are very excited to bring you our chat with one of the UKs own very talented real-life unicorns. We get the 101 on how to be an independent b**ch, his upcoming projects and what his own music festival would be like – welcome to the wonderful world of Smashby!

DragAdventures: You just released the music video for your latest release Independent B**ch. What inspired the song and how did you come up with the concept for the video? How long did it take to shoot and do you have some favourite memories from the process?

Smashby: The song was actually inspired by my experience in the music industry! From a young age I was told I should be appealing to the girls and in order to do that I had to be “less gay and more cool” which made no sense to me because the coolest people I know and idolise are LGBTQ. So I knew for the video I wanted to recreate what people had tried to drum into me by setting it in a meeting with a music team/label/management. But as always I like to take things to the extreme so when the actors in the video tell me to tone it down I turn it the f**ck up! Hence the colourful outfits, sassy dancers and hello, AJA! Then it all gets a little crazy. 

DA: Independent B**ch clearly is an anthem on how to march to the beat of your own drum and be unapologetically yourself, something which you have always promoted to your audience. What would you tell any of your fans being insecure about their path in life and maybe torn between society’s expectations and what they want to do?

Smashby: I would tell them that everyone at one point or another doubts their path in life, I hold my hands up to that but then I remember who I am, what I’ve achieved and what dream I’ve had since I was a little boy. People always tell you to have a plan B but when you’re as determined and focused as I am you’re gonna make it happen because there is no other way. I sometimes find myself comparing my journey to other’s in the industry but I heard a mantra once that said ‘Wherever you are on your journey, is exactly where you’re meant to be’ and it couldn’t be more true. It’s called YOUR journey for a reason, you have to live in every moment of it. 

DA: Your latest song also features the amazingly talented Aja, who are also an advocate for people to be themselves and not giving into what others expect from them. How did the collaboration come about? Do you have any other artists you absolutely want to work together with? 

Smashby: I love Aja, I was honestly shaking when they wanted to feature on the song. I had no connection to Aja whatsoever. It wasn’t like I knew someone who knew them or our paths had crossed before. I literally just thought Aja would sound amazing on this track and could give it the punchy edgy-ness that it needed.

So I sent an email and within a couple of hours, they said YES! Aja recorded their verse and then the song was out there in the world! But I hadn’t got to work with Aja in the studio so I made it my mission to work around their busy schedule and get them in the video. I made it happen and we got on like a house on fire. I had the best time shooting with them and honestly, I was so grateful for the experience. There are so many artists I want to work with! Todrick Hall, Greyson Chance, Frankmusik, Trevor Moran, Bobby Newberry, Michelle Treacy, RuPaul, Cupcakke, Trisha Paytas, Lewis Blisset. I’ve also always wanted to work on a big EDM hit with Galantis. 

DA: If aliens from a far away galaxy landed on earth tomorrow, which three songs would you play for them so they could get to know your music style more? How would you explain your musical inspirations to them?

Smashby: Ooh that’s a really good question. I guess I’d play them the one’s with the strongest message to me so they could really get to know me. So that’d be Independent B**ch, Someone and definitely Wild One. Well most my musical inspirations are strong independent women so I’d just play them Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Lady GaGa and Kesha.

DA: You’re performing at various prides this summer. What is your favourite thing about being on stage, especially for that kind of festival? Since you’ve been performing since your childhood, is there anything you can share with our readers on how to have the best time performing? 

Smashby: I love everything about being on stage, I’m super excited about my summer shows this year cause I’m bringing my dancers to half of them which I love cause then I feel like I’m really putting on a show. But I just love the energy the crowd gives me, I walk on stage and something just clicks inside me. Like I’m the person I’m meant to be when I’m on stage. I think interacting with the audience makes it an even better time for everyone. Whether you get them to sing a part of the song with you or to do a certain dance move with you it makes it feel electric. 

DA: You get to plan your own music festival for a day, time and money are no issue. Who absolutely needs to perform and how would you set everything up? What would be the name of your festival?

Smashby: Omg I’d have no idea where to begin. I would probably do an all female line up and call it PUSSYPWR haha. Get all the pop girls there. Britney, Miley, Kesha, GaGa, Cher, Billie Eilish, Beyonce because no one does it like Bey. 

Or if anything’s possible bring back the deceased legends like Queen, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie and George Michael. That’d be cool.

Or to relive my childhood have like pop stars from when I was a kid. Like Hannah Montana, Hilary Duff, The cast of high school musical, Camp Rock, Raven Symone, iCarly. That would be everything.

DA: We also love your outfit style, especially in your music video, you reminded us of a real-life unicorn. Where do you like to shop for your clothes and do you always have a theme in mind? 

Smashby: My go to shops change a lot to be honest. Most of my crazy stuff I get from Dolls Kill. I use to shop in Topman and try and find quirky “boy clothes” but i gave up and now most of my closet is from Pretty Little Thing. I don’t see the point in trying to gender stereotype clothing. It’s literally a piece of fabric, who cares if it’s cropped or high waisted.

DA: What would your friends say about you when asked what three things you can‘t live without? 

Smashby: I just texted them this and the response I got was warm cookies, rom coms and penis…

DA: We suppose you don‘t have a lot of free time right now, since you‘re busy touring and slaying stages across the UK, but do you have any fun stuff planned this summer and how do you like to spend your time away from the stages?

Smashby: I have so many exciting things planned for the summer. Apart from performing I’m going to Glastonbury and I’ve never actually been to a music festival before. Only if I’ve been performing. I just wanna make more memories this year. Day drink with my friends, see friends I haven’t seen in a long time and just do something spontaneous. I love that.

DA: Any other sneak peaks into future projects you can share with us? 

Smashby: Well I have 2 more singles that I’m planning to release this year. The next one is coming in summer. I’m really excited about all of the music I’m working on right now because whether its a banger or something softer it’s all coming from life experience. I think that’s what makes the best music, something people can relate to. 

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