Albert Bohemme – The definition of Glamorous,and Classy

“La gente está muy loca”. Well, we are certainly crazy about this week’s featured queen. Hailing from the beautiful city of Madrid, Albert Bohemme kicks off another leg in our Europe-DragAdventure. Being our first Spanish featured artist, this amazing queen talked to us about starting in drag, her influences, and idols, and gave us some hints about the Spanish drag scene!

DragAdventures: How did you get started in drag? Can you share a memory of one of your first times in drag?

Albert Bohemme: It was through a friend of mine, makeup artist to the stars Alberto Dugarte! He suggested I try it and made me up one night and Bohemme was born!

DA: How did you get your drag name?

Albert Bohemme: I saw a film “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything” and Patrick Swayze played the character Vida Boheme and I loved the character and so adopted the name!

DA: What qualities does Bohemme have that you wish you’d have in your day-to-day life? What does being a drag queen allow you to do or express when you are performing that you normally wouldn’t do?

Albert Bohemme: Being a drag queen allows me to show and share a side of me that normally I don’t get to portray… creativity, confidence, a persona that is totally different to my day to day life. I enjoy watching the people enjoy what I do and submerge themselves into the “fantasy”

DA: How would you sum up your drag persona in three words?

Albert Bohemme: Glamorous, classy, fun!

DA: Who are your biggest influences? Was there a particular drag queen or artist who gave you the courage to begin a career in drag?

Albert Bohemme: I have always admired the legendary Divine who I believe opened many doors for drag queens and continues to be an inspiration for so many of us today. Closer to me in my day to day life my biggest inspiration without a doubt is my boss, my friend, the person that has encouraged me always LA PLEXY.

DA: What is the Madrid/Spanish drag scene like? Can you give us some of your favorite Spanish queens so we can expand our drag horizon?

Albert Bohemme: The drag scene in Madrid is amazing! I don’t feel we are given enough credit! We have some truly amazing talent! My biggest inspiration here is and has always been LA PLEXY to work with her every day has taught me so much, MARIA EDILIA and her ability to work with any crowd , LUCAS GONZALEZ the Queen of Cabaret, XEMA LAKRIN DJ and Drag Queen on roller skates  … to name a few! 

DA: We’ve looked at your Instagram and have to say, your looks are always so well put together! How do you come up with the inspiration for them and would you say there is a particular ‘Albert Bohemme aesthetic?’

Albert Bohemme: I like to use inspiration (not copy) from the female “baddies” in films! I also like classy things, nothing too outrageous. I try to bring something different to the table! I self taught myself how to do my makeup from YouTube videos! I am in a constant evolution process… I like to experiment with new looks and products! My favourite is the makeup brand KRYOLAN!

DA: The most memorable/favorite kind of performance you’ve done to date?

Albert Bohemme: When I worked for Holy Trannity in Manchester with the RuPaul girls was an amazing opportunity. It was my first performance in the UK and I loved it! I so want to come back!

DA: If you could design a RPDR challenge, what would it be and why?

Albert Bohemme: I was thinking about something like this the other day! I would like to see something where the Queens impersonate each other – not just to see the physical look but to see how each one interprets all aspects of another one! It couldn’t be fun!

DA: What future projects are you working on and what would you love to be able to create in the future? And where can our readers find you next?

Albert Bohemme: Well I am working in the best club in Madrid’s gay area “BLACK&WHITE” we are open every day! I also have performances booked throughout Spain during the year! I work with many different parties and festivals each year.I would love to come back to the UK this year… it’s my dream!

Make sure to follow Albert on all social media to keep up with this wonderful Spanish queen:

Instagram: @albertbohemme

Twitter: @AlbertBohemme

La Plexy instagram : @laplexy

Xema Lakrin instagram: @xemalakrin

Maria Edilia instagram: @lamariaedilia

Lucas Gonzalez instagram: @fonomimicabaret

BLACK&WHITE instagram: @blackwhitemadrid

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