A little bit creepy…. and a little bit campy meet Cryptika

We have a fantastic catalog of local UK and US drag on the site now, we’ve seen how varied drag can be and how anyone can be a fabulous drag queen. We’ve ventured down under to feature our first Australian drag queen. Meet Cryptika who embodies horror as well as 80’s glam realness. Performing from a young age she now rocks the scene in Melbourne home to a diverse and rich drag scene. We talk about inspirations, Melbourne drag, and applying for Dragula!

DragAdventures: The name Cryptika has an eerie connotation attached, how would you describe your drag persona?
Cryptika: That eerie aura that comes through from my name definitely comes in to play with my drag. I consider myself to be a mix of 80s glam and very cheesy horror stereotypes. I like to be a little creepy and a little campy!

DA: How did you get into the drag life? What made you become the queen you are today and what was your first performance?

C: I have been performing since I was very young, specialising in acting and musical theatre and ever since day one, I had always been a quirky and outgoing kid who never really fit in. I always appreciated drag, but like many, I truly fell in love with it when I first watched RuPaul’s Drag Race around 2012. It was only about 2 years ago that the idea that I -as a biological woman- could be a glamorous and fierce queen myself and I have never looked back! Being that I am still a fairly young queen, my first performance was only about 6 months ago and I swear, I have never felt so confident and beautiful as I felt on stage lip syncing my heart out on that stage!


DA: Where do you get your creative inspiration when turning out such fantastic makeup looks?

C: Thank you! I don’t really have many main inspiration sources actually. As far as my go to drag face, I just take certain artistic approaches that I like and make it work on my face until I am happy! For me, its just lots of trial and error, trying new things and taking inspiration from the most random places and things.

DA: What’s the Australian drag scene like? Is it as big/mainstream as it is becoming in the UK and US?
C: I have so much love and admiration for Aussie drag and although it is still a bit more of an underground art form, the scene is definitely growing more and more. I am one lucky gal to be living in Melbourne, and the drag scene here is not only big but its rich with diversity and creativity, with everything from glamorous pageant drag artists to club kids and everything in between.

DA: For you who is the most iconic and inspirational drag queen?C: That’s a tough one! There are so many queens I adore from drag race like Trixie, Katya and Sharon Needles, but I think the queens I truly look up to are the Boulet Brothers. I have had the honour of meeting them myself and they are truly the most humble, hard-working and passionate people I’ve ever met. They have spent years devoting themselves to create safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community and especially for the alternative queer community. Because of them, so many people who never felt they had a sense of belonging, now have a group to call family. I am so grateful for everything they have done.

DA: Your drag is so incredibly bright and fun, yet can be very Dragula-esque, do you have a set aesthetic?
C: Why thank you! I’d say that mix of brightness and macabre is very much my main aesthetic, but sometimes I love to mix it up when I can. That -to me- is part of what makes drag so much fun!


DA: WithRupaul’s drag race and now Dragula taking over, everyone is branching into various drag. Do you think this is helping the local drag scene or hindering it?

C: Whilst like anything it has its pros and cons, I think it definitely is beneficial when it comes to introducing different forms of drag, however, I think it sometimes comes across as somewhat of a limit to those who are newer to the drag world. People think “Oh you have big makeup so you must be like Trixie!” or “Reality TV is the only way to be a successful drag artist.” when that is very much not the case. Drag is a limitless art form and that is something one will not realise until they have gone and explored the depths of their local drag scene for themselves.

DA: Online forums and Social media have placed you on a list of queens most likely to appear on Dragula, would you ever apply for a show such as that and why do you think you’ve been rumored?
C: I didn’t even know about this (laughing) Well I’m glad people enjoy what they see and would love to see me on there. Since I am technically considered underage in the US, I don’t think I’ll be auditioning any time soon, but I think being on Dragula would be the most amazing experience, so it’s definitely something I will be keeping in mind for the future!

DA: What does the future hold for the wonderful Cryptika? Would you love to branch out to overseas?

C: I have no limits at this point. I am ready to shoot for the stars and go wherever my drag takes me. As long as I get to keep improving and sharing my drag more and more, then I am one happy ghoul!

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