5 reasons Why: Trixie Mattel

Oh honeyyyyy…. we’re back with another five reasons why, this time we feature an All Stars winner, country musician, make up extraordinaire, and all-round idiot… Miss Tracey Martel.

Became a successful business woman and brand, never fails to get back on that horse of success

Whilst shes no pro at lip syncing, her success has come from being someone who never fails to give up. Both branching out into various business ventures from TV to Make up, Trixie knows how to provide her audience with the right products and how to capture her brand.

We’ve seen her sashay-away too soon on Season 7, to bouncing back with complete success. Appearing on YouTube Series UNHhhh with Katya highlighted not only how funny she is but passionate about drag.

Her All Stars win was nicely rounded off with the most important lip sync of the competition one which led her to the crown. No fan can hear wrecking ball without tearing up just slightly. From there we’ve seen her become an inspirational legend, icon and country star. Which leads us to our next point….

Musical country legend , Icon and Star

We’re going to say it now, Bluegrass is a big bop. Her first album Two birds produced some of the most passionate break up song’s to uplifting country bops such as Bluegrass, Mama Don’t Make Me Put On The Dress Again, it truly was an roller coaster of emotions, until One Stone came out. This album once again showed the world how creative Trixie is, writing her experiences close to home. Solider, Red Side Of The Moon and Little Sister proving to be fan favourite with the beautiful story telling of each song. Hearing her perform Moving Parts on All Stars had fans admitting being incredibly proud of their favourite egg.

From there each show has grown larger by venue and audiences, her latest one woman show Skinny legend has seen 2,000 seated venues sold out to see her comedy and music act.

Not afraid to take the piss out of herself and fans 

The sarcasm between Trixie and the fandom is paramount, the names called towards her are lovable insults. This type of sarcasm has bonded many across the world with many fans having made life long friends due to this one person. Groups of people have managed to do meet ups, finally meeting after months of talking from across the pond via social media. We ourselves have met some wonderful people over our mutual love for Trixie, finally getting to meet the lovely US girls and mock how stupid her upcoming clarinet number will be.

The Now With Moving Parts article written by Frilly goes to show just how much her shows means to us as a collective, yes we mock but it brings us altogether as a dysfunctional family.

Proving that the sense of humour between us all is well….dumb. But we love that dumb egg and she loves us….even if she doesn’t admit it, just don’t touch her.

Her loyalty and friendship with double trouble Katya

The creation of UNHhhh has brought happiness to fans across the world, the YouTube series which is now in its fourth season is more popular than ever with each topic more stupid than the last. Over time the blossoming chemistry and friendship between Trixie and Katya have become more lovable and of course dumb. The witty one liners between each other have sprouted catchphrases they probably both hate now.

Of course Katya’s personal problems caused a break in the projects between them both but the loyalty and love towards Katya through these times prove that there’s a giant heart in the yeehaw lady… Solider anyone?

The incredible looks she constantly turns out…. we don’t talk about the plastic hooker heels.  

That country bitch knows how to turn a look time and time again. Now this is something the fans can collectively get behind and solidly support her. Dragcon and Dragworld UK were awash with Trixie cosplay which we LOVED. Who can forget Kitty girl, her girl scouts look, the gorgeous gingham country look and the latest Oh Honey Sugarpill outfit. Proving she doesn’t love us they are all sold and never to be worn by her again….*Sigh* However we as fans can create these looks and live out our Skinny Legend fantasy. *Except the plastic hooker shoes, no-one condones those*

You can catch Trixie all across the UK/Europe leg of her fab Skinny Legend tour this March. Back for Dragcon LA, and making her first debut at this years DragworldUK in August there’s plenty of Skinny Legend for everyone!

And if that didn’t fill you up, then there’s plenty of Trixie on the site for you all to get stuck into here.

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