Sheila Simmonds – #Busylady

The UK talent scene is a burst with a mix of talent, well some of you might recognize the incredibly talented Sheila Simmonds from Britain’s Got Talent but there is so much more to her than meets the eye. A Bingo caller, singer, roller skater, and all-round lovely and funny lady! We managed to stop this #Busylady to have a little chat with us.

DA: How has your first Dragworld weekend been? 

Sheila Simmonds: Well I’ve only been here the one day and it’s just been fantastic. I’ve done a meet and greet so I’ve met some of the fans. I’ve been skating around on my roller skates which has been a challenge but you know me, I like a challenge. It’s just been wonderful. I think, what a great place. Everyone is celebrating drag and just being who they are and I think that’s just amazing. 

DA: It’s the 3rd year and it’s just got bigger and better over the years. 

SS: And you know us queens, we like things to get bigger. 

DA: Absolutely, you were recently on Britain’s Got Talent. How was that experience for you? 

SS: That was so great, it was fun, it was lovely. To get to perform at the palladium. I wouldn’t do it again. I think once you’ve done something, you should move on to the next thing. I had a great time, they were lovely. I got treated very well and I got a load of new followers so yeah the experience was great. 

DA: Your performance was well received, such a shame you didn’t get through to the live shows. 

SS: I so wanted to because I had planned to come out of a big disco ball in these roller skates. It was going to be a pink disco ball with blue lining and there’s dancers all around. It would have been camp. 

DA: Finally, a little fun question to pick from the hat… describe yourself in 3 words.

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