Derrick Barry – Pink Party Princess

It’s Derrick bitch. Making her debut appearance at Dragworld 2019 was the poptastic Derrick Barry, a queen famous not only for her identical looks to pop princess Britney Spears, but also for capturing our hearts with her humor, talent, and personality!

DA: With drag race UK coming up, what do you hope to see from this show that you haven’t seen on the American version of the show? 

DB: Since Charlie Hides says they don’t lip sync in the UK, I’m expecting all the queens to be singing live, so it’s not a lip sync for you legacy, it’s a sing live for your legacy. Wait, lip sync for your life, sing live for your life. Yeah, I’m excited. 

DA: How does Dragworld in the UK compare with Drag Con US? Have you found there’s much difference? 

DB: Yes although the set up is very similar. My favourite part is that all the panels are on the main floor, in the states the panels are all in ballrooms and separate rooms so once it’s full, it’s full. Here you can hear it, you can stand off to the sides, you can be at someone’s booth. It’s all one level I really like that. 

DA: How are the UK fans different to the American fans? 

DB: British people are very polite here, I love ( British accent) ‘You alright?’ That’s one of my favourite things ever. Even someone today was like (in perfect British accent) ‘Do you mind if I put my hand on your hip?’, ‘Can I put my hand around your waist?’. That’s crazy because nobody would ever ask that over in the States.

DA: You do a very good British Accent by the way!
DB: Thank you, I learnt it from Britney and of course Madonna. 

DA: Last question, if you could body swap with any other drag queen who would it be and why?

DB: Do you know what, earlier today, Alaska said ‘I want to be you’ and I was said ‘No I want to be you’. It would be fun to be Alaska for a day, she’s a tall, glamazon beautiful blonde. It would be like being Nebraska, and Alaska won – so cool! 

DA: We’ll let you into a little secret, Tatiana said she’d like to bodyswap with you. 
DB: Omg she did? Really? Wow! I love Tatianna. Honestly I feel that Tatianna and I are the same person. We both love Britney. We’re both die hard fans of Britney, she’s really sweet. I love hanging out with her. 

DA: That’s the great thing about places like this as you get to catch up and hang out with the queens you wouldn’t get round to seeing.

DB: I mean when else am I going to get drinks with Alaska, Tatianna, my agent, and Nebraska? It was perfect, just at the hotel bar. You can make anything a party. 

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