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Divina De Campo is without a doubt the UK’s Drag Queen national treasure, with a never-ending CV of musical talent, TV appearances, and finally, her much anticipated run on season one on Rupauls Drag Race UK. The much-loved diva had a successful run consisting of fashion moments and educational lessons throughout, placing 2nd and fans have never been prouder. Now, Divina’s back with the best Christmas gift of all… brand new music! Red and Silver shimmied on to our Spotify playlists last month of which you can read our review here. We had the pleasure of chatting to DDC about her new EP, the Frock Destroyers, and her Christmas TV Special!

Dragadventures: The release of Red and Silver is here for everyone to hear, how was the music process from start to finish? Who influences your style of music?

Divina De Campo: I’m so excited about this EP. I absolutely love Christmas and have been knocking about Christmas track ideas for a good while. I’ve got a really eclectic music taste from Kate Bush to Steps to Whitesnake to Peggy Lee. They all have an influence on my way of approaching music and the sort of music I like to create.

Red and Silver the new EP.Instagram @Divinadecampo

DA: You wrote the EP during the UK lockdown, how did you stay creative and influenced during such a weird time?

DDC: Creativity thankfully is one of those things that never runs out. The more you practice the more you have and that’s kind of the key, practice. So I’ve been lucky to have various projects happening throughout lockdown that has kept me creating.

DA: Although musicians tend to not choose favorites, what is your fave stand out track from Red and Silver?

DDC: Ha! This old roast chestnut! Well, I don’t really have a favorite because they’re all so different from each other. They’re all clearly a DeCampo track because there’s tongue in cheek foolishness with some smut thrown in (laughing). I’m really happy with how they’ve all turned out to be honest, that’s something you can’t always say as well. I was going to put another track on, a classical track but after being sick (last year’s drag race tour) my voice still hasn’t fully recovered and I wasn’t happy with it. So that got cut. 

DA: On the back of the album you have a TV christmas special for us to look forward to, what can we expect, and what made you want to do a special?

DDC: I love Christmas and I’ve always wanted to make a special so what better way to combine the two! It’s been a real learning curve as well. Lockdown meaning its all had to be filmed, lit, written, recorded, staged and directed at home by me. Its a little snapshot of this time in history I guess.

DA: Christmas music in the U.K. is full of some weird classics, for you what is the ultimate Christmas playlist? What does Christmas look like in the Decampo household?

The New Frock Destroyers album ‘Frock4life’ @divinadecampo

DDC: Camp camp camp! It consists of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Joy to the world’, Dolly Parton ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’, Destiny’s child ‘8 days’, Kylie ‘100 degrees’, Judy Garland ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’, Both Mariah Albums, Celine Dion. Argh…..There are just too many! I have a massive Xmas playlist playing and I love to just put it on and let it play.

DA: Before Drag Race it’s fair to say you were extremely well known, and fans had been wanting you to compete for a while. Did you feel extra pressure to do well on the show?

DDC: Absolutely! I was coming into a competition with a reputation and a name and it’s so easy (we’ve seen it in the past) for that to backfire. It doesn’t take much to destroy all your hard work.

DA: You’ve probably been asked about the Frock Destryors constantly. But did you expect that level of reaction and excitement from fans, it’s fair to say it’s now reached icon status in Drag Race history! 

DDC: Not at all! We knew the track was great, Leland wrote it so that was a given, but did we know it would capture people’s imaginations? Absolutely not. I’m so glad it has though! What a wonderful team to be a part of! 

DA: Since Rupauls DragRace UK you’ve traveled on numerous tours, how has the transition been with the level of increased exposure?

The final three @dragraceuk

DDC: Whats interesting is most of my work is booked in a year in advance, so a lot of what I’ve done since was already booked in. The being stopped in the street has been super lovely plus knowing people are interested in what you actually do.

DA: All drag shows come with the popular meet and greet packages, how has that experience been for you? Any weird encounters?

DDC: I actually enjoy the meet and greets, I like meeting people and finding out about them so I’ve enjoyed that and when people bring you a gift, especially something they’ve found out that you like or they’ve made thats extra special. I’ve not had anything majorly weird to be honest, there’s the occasional nut job but they’re coming to see me so I’d fully expect that (laughing)

DA: How have you coped during the lockdown and not being able to interact with fans?

DDC: Lockdown has been busy with one thing and another, having my tour with Klub Kids rescheduled has been difficult. I really miss getting on stage and entertaining and having written a show for it to be pulled is hard but people’s health comes first. 

DA:What does the new year hold for you?

DDC: More touring and some spots of TV here and there! I’m like a bad penny I just keep turning up! I’m planning more music of course and Frocking world domination!

Dont forget to stream Red and Silver on spotify now, and stay tuned for the new Frock Destroyers album Dec 11th!

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